Wind Hill

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How to find  Wind Hill B1kepark 

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What does Wind Hill B1kepark have to offer?

Awarded Bikepark of the Year 2017 and with trails to suit all levels of rider from first time pedal pushers to seasoned Pro’s, Wind Hill has become a firm favourite with all that have visited.  

Wind Hill is one of the South’s best known B1KEPARKS. Since opening in April 2017 Wind Hill has become of the must ride destinations on many Mountain Bikers bucket list! Believe the hype. In the words of Sam Pilgrim “This place is Sick!!!”

Wind Hill is home to Freeride focussed, downhill trails set within broadleaf woodland on the Longleat Estate, all within earshot of roaring lions and howling wolves. The Wind Hill Build Team have really made the most of the elevation and the contours of the hill to build a progression pathway that can not be rivalled.

How much does it cost to ride at Wind Hill B1KEPARK?

To Ride at Wind Hill you need to be a B1KEPARK Member, There are 2 Membership Options. You can Register as a Free-2-Ride Member which is Free you then simply purchase a Day Pass on each visit (£10).

Alternatively if you plan to visit regularly  choose Full B1KEPARK Membership and ride any of the parks anytime for a yearly cost of £125 for adults and discounted rates for Juniors, Families, Students of Active servicemen & women.

Skills Training at Wind Hill B1KEPARK

Wind Hill is the perfect venue for progressing your Mountain Bike Skills. With a fantastic range of Trail Features that progress from small and rollable through to large. There really is something here for everyone regardless of age and experience.

There’s everything here in terms of trails, providing the ideal progression for the range of courses offered.

Renowned for sublime jump lines that range in size from small to frankly ridiculous, if you are looking to develop your confidence and ability in the air this is a venue for you. But look beyond the Flow lines and we have enough natural tech to train riders from first timers to racers looking to shave seconds off their race runs and top the podium. Skills that will serve you well outside the park where trails are less groomed and nature has a greater input. Master the dirt whether it’s groomed or out and out ‘Gnar’


Wind Hill has has it’s fair share of hype and hysteria which began before it even opened and continues to this day. Believe the hype….but also look beyond. The back drop to pro edits galore you’d be forgiven for thinking its a venue suited only to the world’s elite rider.  If  you think this then think again. The site has trails for riders of all levels, whatever the style of riding.

A choice of 7 Trails doesn’t sound a lot but the trail builders magic has delivered trails that work for a broad spectrum of riders and never lose their appeal. From the cruisey delights of Blutopia, a blue trail that is ridden and loved by everyone from elite level riders to MTB debutants, through to one of the UK’s most challenging but rewarding Pro Lines, Viagra Falls Wind Hill has it all in abundance.




Ark at EE


Rootiful South


Feed ’em to the Lions




Pass the Dutchie


Viagra Falls


For lovers of down hill, technical natural trails that only require optional airtime, this trail is a test of skills beyond jumping. Off camber roots, motor whoops and an optional rock garden combine to create a trail that at speed is perhaps the most technical on the hill. Line choices galore this trail can be negotiated by relatively novice riders but to master it will take great skill.

A firm favourite and top to bottom action combining technical natural elements an a park feel latter half this trail is a rewording of one of the legacy trails from the ‘Allotment’ days. A split half way down allows rider to opt in to bigger hits and gaps while if you stick to the right hand side the jump are more forgiving if you come up short. Easily missed as you exit the woods down the feeder blue, Ark at Ee is a true gem. You’ll need to be comfortable with a 3-4 feet drop near the top but beyond that its a trail that can be ridden and enjoyed by a wide range of abilities.

The clue is in the name but there is far more to this trail than roots alone. Steep and tech at the top fast and fluid at the bottom, beyond a knee high drop at the top and bottom your wheels don’t need to leave the ground unless you choose to but you will need to have your whits about you if you are going to carry your speed.

Another trail that grows on riders and allows them to grow into discovering more lines. A small drop at the top is the only obligatory feature that cant be rolled but don’t think that means it’s easy to tame. An opt in big drop line for the bigger hitters and a (rollable if necessary) road gap ensure that this trail is far from toothless. Steep, Technical catch berms that you have to work hard to master lead to a high speed finish crossing bridges over the spring fed, babbling brook. Can you tame the Lions?


The clue is in the name. The perfect start to your day at the park, and we strongly recommend you do start here. This Flow trail is as much fun for novices getting accustomed to Park life as it is for Pro’s seeking cheeky transfers. With  a huge Grin factor, rollers, berms and superbly crafted jumps there is no better way to start your day…..and we know you’ll come straight back up and hit it again. Blutopia feeds four other trails (3 Black, 1 Red) and right from the ramp is featured packed fun.

Follow Blutopia to the fourth turn off and you find one of our signature trails, Empuru. This red run is a game changer. In the worlds of Sam Pilgrim it’s on elf the best trails he’s ridden and  ‘Better than Whistler’s A-Line’, and who are we to disagree. A hugely progressive jump line linked with the sweetest berms, step ups and step downs. The split sided jumps provide progression when required and the long landings inspire confidence. The bottom berms are both a joy to ride and a joy to look at in equal measure. Making the most out of the hill this trail would make your  journey worth worthwhile wherever you travel from if it was the only one in the park.

Are you hard enough? Big doesn’t begin to describe it but its not just the size but the shape. A line built to provide a challenge but also allow riders to show their “stease.” Although the features are frankly ludicrous in size they are shaped to be trickable and not just be about hitting at Mach 10 and hoping. Designed with input from local legend Chris Smith who test piloted every feature, this trail is like something out of video game. Favourably compared to any trail on the FMB world tour, the Pro Line is definitely something to work up to and not something you have for breakfast! The Iconic   ‘ Boner Log ‘ and line of 30′-40’ jumps that follow are rapidly becoming part of MTB folklore and draw riders quite literally from across the globe. Straight off the ramp rider are in to a series of carefully designed and crafted features that set this trail apart from so many others and with 14 features in all even if you’ll never ride it its worth the visit just to watch those that do.

This stand alone Iconic feature is the perfect qualifier for those thinking of stepping up their gam. imminently trickable, and a reworked feature that harks back to the Black Canon days. If you fancy throwing some shapes, working on you style or perfecting you next trick this is the place to do it.

Trail grades

Blue: Intermediate

Suitable for:

Beginners in good health with basic bike skills. Most types of bike.


Relatively flat & wide

Red: Advanced

Suitable for:

Riders in good health with basic off-road riding Skills Basic mountain bikes.


Some ‘single-track’ sections & small obstacles of root & rock.

Black: Expert

Suitable for:

Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills & fitness. Good mountain bikes.


Challenging climbs, tricky descents & Expect features such as drop-offs and large rocks

Black + Yellow: ProLine

Suitable for:

Expert mountain bikers with high level of fitness. Quality off-road mountain bikes.


Greater challenge & difficulty. Expect large & unavoidable features.

Understand the Lozenge Grading System

The Lozenge grading pertains to the Technical Trail Features (TTF’s) that the trail includes. This can be Drops, Steep Chutes, Jumps (Tables or gap Jumps) Road gaps and Berms.

A single lozenge denotes small, rollable features. Hit at speed this may lead to airtime but the is no requirement to leave the ground if riders do not wish to and control their speed

Two Lozenge trails will contain Technical trail features of a medium to large size. A trail with a two lozenge grade MAY contain features that can not be rolled but where these are present there is always an option to by-pass them without needing to leave the ground.

You can expect to find jumps on these trails but these are designed so that they can be rolled if the rider controls their entry speed

Three lozenge trails will include features that can not be rolled and are unavoidable.

The size of features will vary from small to very large – the key point of note is that you can not opt to avoid these or roll them.

Riders should be capable of, and expect to leave the ground in order to complete these trails.

To enjoy the parks, head over to the membership page and get yourself signed up!

My favourite place to ride in the UK.  EMPURU is better than Whistler’s A Line and the Pro Line is better than any course on the FMB World Tour. From Blutopia to Viagra Falls you’ll find a trail to tick your boxes.

Sam Pilgrim


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TF Tuned

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