Garden Pumptracks and Mountain Bike Trails

B1KE bring all of their mountain bike trail design, and build knowledge and expertise to Garden Pumptracks and Mountain Bike Trails. We have built garden trails for a range of clients and can work in gardens of all shapes and sizes. If you have the space a Pumptrack or Trail is the perfect way to bring the trail to you. A great way to keep fit, polish your skills and get a full body workout on your trails without even having to leave home!

We will ensure that your garden mountain bike trail will be designed to flow and built to last. B1KE’s Garden Pumptracks and MTB Trails give purpose to otherwise underused area’s of our clients gardens and we landscape the trails to ensure they complement there surroundings.

We offer a very competitive pricing structure and we will ensure you get the most from your budget. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll sure you’ll be surprised at what we can do for your budget.

B1KE can design and build the following:

            • Garden Pumptracks
            • Garden Mountain Bike Trails
            • Garden Skills Areas
            • Dirt Jumps and Jumps Trails

From concept to ride we will work closely with you to realise your dreams and ideas to build the perfect Garden Pumptrack or Mountain Bike Trail for you.


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