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Group Mountain Bike Skills Course – Surrey Hills

The Surrey Hills AONB is an area that B1KESkills Instructor Richard Kelly know’s intimately having been born and raised there and where he has been a life long resident. On the bike,  Richard has been working with riders develop their skills since the early days of Mountain Bike Skills Instruction. Off the bike, he has been heavily involved in driving projects to provide better trails and a sustainable future for Mountain Biking in this popular protected landscape shared by many different user groups. When you train with B1KE in the Surrey Hills you can so safe in the knowledge that you are riding with not only the the most highly experienced provider but one that operates with full landowners consent and helps develop Mountain Biking for all visitors not just our lucky clients.

How long are the Courses?

The choice is yours – 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. For a first visit to us we would strongly recommend starting with a 3 hour session. Although being out on a Mountain Bike for 3 hours plus sounds like a long time, it is by no means continuously riding. Developing your understanding and mental skills  as well as physical ability is key to making permanent positive changes. Our instruction is based upon established learning and skills development methodology that will underpin your session, helping you progress as a rider through understanding both the ‘how to’ and ‘why to’  of mountain bike riding. You mind and body will be worked out to a similar degree and we will always keep a close eye on whichever might need a rest (or more exercise), keeping the balance of ‘applying’ to ‘understanding’ just where you need it to be.

B1KE base all Skills Training on the widely used ‘IDEAS’ format. Using IDEAS we will: –

‘Introduce’ what you’ll be doing.
‘Demonstrate’ how to do it.
‘Explain’ what we are doing, and why and how you should do it.
You are then given time to do the ‘Activity’ yourself.
Then we ‘Summarise’ what you’ve been practicing.

This means that there’s lots of time spent riding but you’re not on your bike from start to finish. Fitness isn’t essential as the focus is on developing your Skills and the Course will always be run at a pace to suit you, All of our Clients comment on just how fast the time learning the skills out on the trail goes. As they say “time flies when your having fun”

What do the Courses cost?

We charge a flat rate of £75.00 per person for a 1/2 day session (c3.5 – 4 hours).

All Prices Include VAT

How long do I need to book for?

Because your first visit will include an introduction to our ‘B1KESkills System’ as well as a thorough analysis of your current skills we recommend a 3 hour session (2 hour sessions are available as a minimum). The ‘B1KESkills System underpins riding at all levels and although applying to first timers can equally be mapped against the Worlds best riders across all disciplines and every level of riding between the two. It is the product of a combined experience of over 40 years MTB coaching.  Subsequent sessions will reinforce your understanding of the underpinning ‘System’ but focus on more specific physical and mental aspects most relevant to you and the skills you are trying to develop. In two hours a good deal of progress can be made but if you have a little more time  or are travelling from further afield, perhaps less frequently, 4 hours will never drag. Time passes quickly on the trails. and there is never a dull moment.  NB AM sessions at the weekend are min. 3 hours. 

Feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you an idea on the optimum duration for your Course.

The Course Format.

Course Format continually evolves and is tailored to each group as far as possible. With over 16 years coaching behind him Richard and the other Surrey Hills based instructors will ensure you get the most from your time training with us. We can fine tune the content to suit you and your requirements. If it’s your first Skills Course with us we’ll start with a ‘Skills Check’ and an Introduction to the ‘B1KESkills System’. The System underpins the training we provide and enables you to get a deeper understanding of the fundamental elements that combine to build technique and skills.

The ‘Skills Check’ allows us a chance to asses your Current Skills are and identify the strengths and opportunities there are for us to work with. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or if you have not done a lot of riding, we are here to make you a better rider

With the Skills Check Complete and the B1KESkills System Installed we can tailor the rest of the course to suit your requirements. We can cover all the essentials from ‘Energy Management’ (Pumping), ‘Speed control’ (when and how to accelerate and decelerate with confidence on all gradients), through to corners, mastering roots and rocks, jump and drops or riding steep sections of trail (down and up as required). The Sections we use and the way we use them enables us to progress the coaching at a pace to suit you.

From developing your Jumps and Drops to improving your Cross-Country, Enduro and Downhill Skills the Surrey Hills will have a Section for you.

We will always progress your skills training at a pace to suit you, ensuring you come away from your Course with improved skills and a deeper understanding why, when and how to deploy your skills and take on the trail with confidence and speed.

The Bike, Kit and Equipment you’ll need?

B1KE Surrey Hills offer a range of Mountain Bike Skills Courses. Depending on The Course you choose will depend on the Bike, Kit and Equipment you will require. Essentially you need a mechanically sound Mountain Bike and a helmet. Most riders ride an XC or Trail/Enduro/Freeride bike for anything but DH specific courses. Helmet use is mandatory, knee pads and other body armour is at your discretion and will depend to a degree on the technicality of terrain or technique you are looking to develop. If you have any questions regarding Bike, Kit and Equipment requirements please drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to advise on the suitability of your bike and kit and the requirements for your Course.

What you’ll Learn?

The B1KE Instruction team benefits from the experience of working with thousands of riders of all ages and abilities. The B1KESkills System is used by the UK’s leading Mountain Bike Skills Instructors many of whom B1KE has trained.

The B1KE Skills instructor accreditation written, developed and delivered by Richard and Ian Warby is the qualification requirement at a number of the the UK’s most prominent riding venues including Bikepark Wales. Coed-y-brennin, Llandegla, Swinley Forest and many more.

Working with the system Ian first developed, Richard has extensively researched and documented and developed the science and methods behind the magic. Richard has been the Technique editor for the world’s most read MTB Magazine (www.imbikemag.com) for over 5 years taking the B1KESkills System to a global audience and subsequently coaching riders as far as Bermuda. The B1KESkills System enables us to break down your riding and look at the specific elements that you need to work on to become a better all round rider. Your riding will never be the same again and you’ll wonder why you didn’t book with B1KE for some Mountain Bike Skills Training sooner.

Where others might show you some tricks, B1KE instructors will give you the magic.

The Trails you’ll Ride?

The Surrey Hills offers an amazing range of trails perfect for developing skills whether you are a fist time pedal pusher or seasoned rider looking to get to the next level. With trails that are ridden by riders ranging from newbies to the World’s Elite we will find the right terrain for the technique being coached. As we work with the landowners knowledge and consent, help plan and maintain trails and play a recognised role in managing the sustainable development of Mountain Biking in this a most unique and protected landscape, you can ride safe in the knowledge that you are working with a team dedicated to developing not only you as a rider but serving the riding community as a whole and helping to preserve an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If you have any questions about the suitability of the Trails or your own requirements please drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

What Skills will I develop?

The ‘Why to’ approach we take means that you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to get the most from your Mountain Bike. From getting it set up (Suspension and Tyre Choice and Pressure) right through to riding faster with more confidence. Your riding will be taken to a new level.

If you’re booking a Course to look at a specific skill like Jumping you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how to get the most from your riding, the essentials for getting more airtime, more confidence in the air and most importantly have a transferable ‘Skills Set’ that will travel with you enabling you to take your new skills to new Trails and apply them easily on your favourite Trails.

When do we run our Mountain Bike Skills Courses?

We run our Mountain Bike Skills Courses in the Surrey Hills 7 days a week* 

We start our Courses at 10am or 2pm for 2 or 3 hours. The Trails in the Surrey Hills are quieter from Monday to Friday but the Trails are never over-crowded at weekends. Even if the car parks are busy you’ll be surprised how quiet it can be out on the Trails for your Course.

*subject to availability

How do I Book My Mountain Bike Skills Course with B1KE?

There are a number of ways to book your Course. The simplest is to complete the ‘Contact Form’ below and we’ll get in touch to confirm our availability and all the booking information you need. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail outlining your requirements or give us a call on 07711 638195 and we’ll do the rest.

Book your MTB Skills Course in the Surrey Hills

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Can I buy a B1KE Mountain Bike Skills Course as a Gift?

Yes, Mountain Bike Skills Courses make great presents for the Mountain Biker with everything. B1KE offer a range of Gift Vouchers for their Courses. Vouchers can be purchased ‘to the Value of’ starting from £25.00 through to a Gift Voucher for our popular 2hr and 3hr Courses.

Click over to the B1KEShop to purchase your Gift Vouchers now.