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No matter where your current skill level lies, our dedicated MTBSI approved coaching team will help you get more from your time in the saddle, build skills and confidence, and reach your riding goals.

Be it a quick ‘tune up’ or targeted coaching, dealing with a specific element of your riding, 1-2-1 coaching can be tailored to you and delivered at a time to suit.

(For Groups of Up To 4) 


Groups of all sizes (Larger than 4) can learn together. No matter how wide ranging your group’s skills are, there is plenty of individual attention to make sure every one of your group goes away with a higher level of skills, understanding and confidence.

Jump Start Dirt Jump Coaching

Embark on a 6 week coaching course with Dave Seeley at SforP B1KEpark. These group coaching sessions are only £30 per session and provide a perfect opportunity to gain the basic knowledge and skills required for dirt jumping technique. 

There are also 1-2-1 sessions available on select Wednesday evenings at SforP B1KEpark with Dave Seeley.


The robust, advanced methodology that underpins our MTBSI programmes will help you as an instructor, and your clients and riders understand and develop the ‘DNA’ of riding, develop ‘best practice’ and understand the benefits of ‘optimal’ over ‘maximal’ through applying the ‘why to’ as well as the ‘how to’ approach to skills development.


#SHREDSCHOOL = when schools are out, the learning needn’t stop… but this is one school your kids won’t want to break up from! Structured coaching programmes for riders of all levels. 

Skill Seekers Group coaching

Skill Seekers sunday Group Coaching Sessions. These sessions offer a more affordable coaching option for all levels and ages of riders. The day is split into 2 sessions, Am & PM. Under 18s and 16+

(16 & 17 year old can join either session). Each lesson will be different and tailored to the riders that day. Maximum group size is 6. 


B1KE have been running MTB experiences for over 15 years; from a one-off field day to a series of sessions forming part of a school curriculum, we can tailor experiences to you.

We have and currently work with a number of school to deliver ongoing weekly lessons provided on the school grounds, whilst maintaining trails on site. 

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"The coach was a natural. His encouragement and enthusiasm really got the best out of us both."