Acceptance of risk and terms of sale

B1kepark Signature Series Racing
Sunday 13th March 2022 :Wind Hill
Sunday 2nd October 2022: Rogate
Sunday 6th November 20222: Tidworth

Below are your tickets and the racing terms. These will also be clearly displayed at the sign in tent, you will be asked to sign against your name when your sign in confirming you agree to these terms.

General Rules and Policy
Mandatory full-face helmet
Mandatory closed bar ends
GoPro policy – Go Pros are allowed mounted safely
E- bike policy – Turned Off – If your bike is found to be on during either practice or race runs you will be disqualified
Practice policy – 2 runs minimum & full runs only
Strictly No Cutting in during practice or you risk a time penalty


This is much easier to change before the event day and means less risk of any timing errors.

As this is not part of a series for this race only we are using your age on race day so please double check you are in the correct group

Racing Terms
1.0 I understand that:

1.1 Participating in this activity is potentially hazardous.

1.2 The risks involved include but are not limited too, falls, contact with other participants, effects of weather and trail conditions (and could result in injury, or death, loss or damage to property):

1.3 I will only participate if I am medically able.

1.4 I must have bar end caps on my bars or I will not be allowed to ride

1.5 Go Pros are allowed and must be secured safety \

1.6 E-Bike policy – E-bikes are permitted but must be Turned Off, anyone found with an e bike on either during practice or the race runs will be disqualified immediately.

1.7 – Practice policy – 2 runs minimum & full runs only. Anyone found cutting in on the track during practice will be penalised with a time penalty on their race run! It is not fair to those that are looking to get a full practice run in but ends up coming up behind someone who has cut in halfway.

1.8 – Practice start time gaps. We will be using a common sense approach to how often we set people off in practice. Aiming for every 15 seconds but groups trains are allowed for practice and slower riders will be allowed to set off sooner if it is obvious they will not catch up with the rider in front. Provided everyone abides by the start ramp marshals instruction all should have time for at least 2 or 3 runs in the morning before the race.

1.9 Parking and Car Sharing. When possible we please encourage as much car sharing as possible. We have not been able to secure the use of the site car park for the general public as we have done previously so all racers will need to use the two main car parks and peddle up to the race village. It is going to be very tight on space, there will be car parking marshals and it is imperative you follow their instruction on the day to fit everyone! It will be mirror to mirror for sure so please play ball!

2.0 Acceptance of Risk – You are about to take part in a high risk activity. You will minimise this risk by following the safety rules and advice in the B1KEPARK ESSENTIALS. If you do not follow the safety rules and advice you could have a serious accident which could be fatal.

2.1 I confirm that:

2.1.1 I am participating in this activity at my own risk;

2.1.2 I have sufficient skills and my bike is in a safe, legal and rideable condition.

2.1.3 To the best of my knowledge, my general state of health is good and I take full responsibility for my health and personal well-being.

2.1.4 I agree to check my bike and equipment at the start of each day, before each ride and after any crash.

2.1.5 I understand I must wear a full face helmet and shin pads as a minimum though body armour, neck brace and gloves are highly recommended. I accept the rule of No FULL FACE Helmet = No Ride for the race

2.1.6 I will use all available information including, but not limited to web sites, site information boards, and a visual inspection to make myself aware of specific trail hazards and features prior to riding the trails.

2.1.7 I will abide by instructions given to me by B1KE, its employees, the land owner, local committee members and their representatives or agents and will provide evidence of B1KEPARK membership or a day pass if requested.

2.1.8 I understand and agree that, other than legal liability in respect of death or personal injury, B1KE, its employees, the land owner, local committee members and their representatives or agents accept no liability for any injury or damage resulting from use of the B1KEPARK or any of its facilities including but limited to, car parks, approach roads, cabins, push-ups, for cycling or any other activity undertaken, or for personal mishaps to myself or my property.

2.1.9 Coming Across a downed rider or red flag on your race run. If this happens first and foremost ensure the rider down is OK and that they have the local marshal in control of it. Find out if you can help in any way by speaking with the marshal. If you run is effected by a crash ahead of you, you will be permitted a re-run provided daylight allows. DO NOT RIDE PAST A DOWNED RIDER ASSUMING THEY ARE OK!

3.0 Image Rights and their use – I agree to images being taken when I use the B1KEPARK and other areas of the site using film, photography, digital photography, video or other media and those images may be used on your website and in other promotional material in any medium,

4.0 Trail Closures and Diversions – Trails will be closed for race day pother than the race track itself. Anyone found riding other trails will be asked to leave the site as our insurance does not cover us in that situation.

5.0 B1KE reserve the right to change it’s terms and conditions at any time.

Day Schedule (May change slightly between events. please see event page for accurate timings)
The general itinerary for the day is as follows
Gates – 7:30
Track walk until 08:40
Practice 9 -11 – Maybe starting earlier if we have all marshals in position.
Race Run 1 – 11:30-13:30
Race Run 2 – 13:30-15:30
Prize giving – 16:00
Gates – 18:00