S4P B1KEPARK has trails for riders of all ages and abilities.

  • Rollers

    The Roller Line has to be one of the UK’s longest perfect for developing the ‘Pump’ Technique needed to developing your jumping. Ideal for novices and those new to the B1KEPARK. A lot of fun and a great workout too!

  • Table Tops

    The Table Top line is the first progression line. Taking the ‘Pump’ Technique Developed on the rollers and perfecting it over the Table Tops. With no gaps to clear the ‘tables’ are a safe way to ensure your technique is dialled before progressing to the first double line.

  • Double Line

    The First Double Line has a range of jumps and transfer options. Great for getting a feel of jumps and perfecting your technique before progressing onto the Pro-Line.

  • Pro-Line

    The Pro-Line steps things up. The height of the jumps giving you more air time and steeper landings and take-offs perfect for big tricks. Dialled in by Sam Reynolds, Olly Wilkins and Brendon Fairclough this is one the jewel in the crown of the S4P B1KEPARK.

  • The 6 Pack

    Built by Sam Reynolds in partnership with Monster and Fox Head Clothing it’s the realisations of a childhood dream to build some of the biggest dirt jumps in the UK.

    Understandable ‘The 6-Pack’ is off-limits to anyone other than Sam and the riders of his calibre. If you’re luck enough to be down there when Sam’s in the UK and practicing be ready to be wowed by the size of the jumps and the calibre of the tricks Sam and the others can perform on these jumps.