S4P B1KEPARK – Milford

One of the premier Dirt Jump spots in the UK developed by the S4P Crew and Managed by B1KE.

The B1KEPARK is situated adjacent to the same piece of woodland as the legendary Milford Trails which were established in 1998.

Built from the ground up by B1KE and S4P’s Dirt Jump and Freeride Pro’s Sam Reynolds, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins and the rest of the S4P crew. The sandy dirt at Milford is legendary and makes for great year round riding coming into it’s own during the winter months.

You don’t have to be a Pro to ride the B1KEPARK with progressive trails for riders of all ages and abilities. Progressing from the rollers to the Pro-Line with Sam Reynolds Monster 6-Pack line the parks ‘signature line’ making it truly World Class.


The S4P B1KEPARK is a B1KE managed site you need to be a Free-to-Ride member of the B1KEPARK network to ride here. You can ride at the site for free once your a member. This site rely’s on donations to operate you’ll have chance to make a donation when you register. Thanks in advance for your support.

Support the future of the  S4P B1KEPARK and rep the B1KEPARK with an S4P Hoody.

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