Jump Start ’24: Dirt Jump MTB Coaching for Young Riders!

Dirt Jump MTB Coaching Club For Young Riders With David Seeley.

New for 2024 –  Designed for youth riders looking to either  start or progress the journey into Dirt Jumping, this program caters to both beginners and intermediates, offering a unique opportunity to elevate your riding skills.

Under the expert eye of B1KE MTB Skills Instructor, Dave Seeley, riders can now embark on a six-week journey, starting February 3rd, 2024. Each Saturday morning, for two exhilarating hours, attendees will learn the art of dirt jumping, mastering techniques and skills that not only enhance their riding prowess but also ensure their safety on the trails.

Dirt Jumping can appear both a dark art and  intimidating in equal measure but through developing, understanding and applying core physical skills and the correct mental approach the journey to  reaching new heights in your riding life can be as smooth as a freshly shaped, lip.

How Does It Work?

Six, two hour sessions will run every Saturday AM and focus on developing proper skill and technique, leading riders on a progression pathway from wherever their current confidence and skill level is to a higher plane. The total six-week course, priced at £180, is a comprehensive package designed to progressively build confidence and ability.

Participants are required to bring a suitable bike for dirt jumping with helmet use, of course, mandatory. We also highly recommend gloves and if preferred shin/knee, and elbow pads to ensure your utmost protection.

Don’t miss this chance to let your young rider soar through SforP B1kepark, learning and growing with each jump. Secure your spot today and witness the transformation from a rider to a dirt jumping enthusiast!

6 Week Course

Saturday Mornings

Begin February 3rd 2024

£30 Per Session*

@SforP B1KEpark

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Limited Availability

*Sessions are booked as a 6 week block to insure progression is measured and skills cemented

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Your Coach, David Seeley

Dirt Jump coaching at S4P is led by MTB Skills Instructor, David Seeley. David has a wealth of experience in both participating in, and in his adult years coaching a range of adrenaline inducing sports. From and early years David developed a passion for action sports, spending his free time skateboarding, riding bikes and snowboarding. Once he left university he headed to the mountains to pursue his love for snowboarding. After competing at a national level David got involved with coaching up and coming juniors and started his own coaching company.  10 years spent  running coaching courses in the uk and abroad culminated on David coaching the Royal Navy freestyle snowboard team.

After starting a family, endless trips to the mountains became more difficult but the gap this left was filled with a growing passion for Mountain Biking. Having spent so much time in the air and with a love for jumping this unsurprisingly drew him to  dirt jumping.

Applying his coaching experience to riding dirt jumps he has disproved the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”! Now 7 years later and a qualified MTBSI mountain bike instructor we are pleased to have him to coach B1ke’s first junior dirt jump coaching program. A familiar face at S4P David is able to combine a passion for riding Dirt Jumps with over two decades of action sports coaching. His strong understanding of both the physical and mental skills required to at first tame, and then master, the dirt, enable him to help you too find flight through a reasoned and progressive approach. If  you are the rider that has only ever adopted an approach of ‘hit and hope’ or the rider that has just said ‘nope’ when it come to Dirt Jumping, join David and learn in a calm, relaxed and controlled environment and take your riding to new heights.

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