Tidworth Freeride trails can be split in to two fundamental styles Downhill and Freeride each with a series of 1 (Small Features) 2 (Medium Features) and 3 (Large Features) Lozenge Trails.


  • Sick Note 1 Lozenge

    Sick note is the easiest of the DH trails initially contouring across the top of the hill and then picking up pace as it begins to descend. Offering a number of rollable challenges which include rollers small table tops and a couple of steps no higher than a foot. The trail provides a variety   of berms and flat corners which allow riders to develop there cornering skills. It is good introduction to gravity cycling.

  • River Flow 2 Lozenge

    River flow is first right off the roll in and straight down the hill, one of the more natural trails it requires the rider to work harder to find their flow. There are series of slightly larger drops which are not quite rollable linking some tight corners which do require a higher level of ability to overcome. River flow is a close proximity trail winding through the sycamore saplings, which then open out on to beaver dam and fast final straight.

  • Hooper struve 3 Lozenge

    Hooper Struve is the main race line offering a number of technical challenges including flat corners rock gardens drops and doubles, this trail does require a higher level of ability to safely negotiate to the end of the line. Home of the Hooper Hooner this trail is most representative of what is expected of downhill and offers a number of option lines as you descend down through Mini Morzine and off the coffin drop.


  • General Berminator 1 Lozenge

    The introductory freeride line on the hill offers a trail of three parts a set of varied berms and switch backs leading into starwars part of the original General line, one of the first trails on the hill. This leads down to the iconic series of 12 switch back berms which offer the perfect training ground for mastering riders cornering ability and maintenance of speed through to the final section of rollers table tops and rolling doubles perfect for honing jumping skill. A fast fun trail that can be sessioned from various points on the hill.

  • Oblivion 2 Lozenge

    As the name would suggest, a roller coaster of a ride. The trail is rollable but has some big features on it which do require a higher level of skill to overcome. It starts with a series of berms linked with step downs followed by a big step down into an equally big step up. The mid part of the trail then rattles down through the trees into a drop which links into the final section with some big jumps starting with a dual hip jump providing the option for riders to increase the air time they are getting before hitting a larger double and fast on through to the end. Much fun to be had!

  • White line 3 Lozenge

    Home of the ‘Berm gap’ jump the signature feature on the hill, White line is one of the original favourites. It is a series of jumps that descends pretty much straight down the hill. Starting with a fairly innocuous step up riders are straight into a couple of doubles that cannot be rolled. Which then leads into a set of progressively larger step downs. Riders need to be capable of jumping and managing themselves in the air to be able to safely ride this trail.


Humps and Bumps: A jump progression area made up of a series of table tops, berms and doubles perfect for a warm up or a session at the end of the day. The area is found at the bottom of the hill close to the carpark and is great for honing jumping skills. This area is also fantastic for the younger rider to gain confidence riding up and down the table tops getting to grips with standing on their pedals and the exhilaration of quick acceleration as the they descend the down slopes.

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