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Rogate B1KEPARK, like all our B1KEPARKs, caters to riders from B1KEPARK beginners, through to more advanced riders and elite level pros, who cut their teeth here and still think of the place as home.
Tracks full of berms, doubles, tables and drops give some trails a genuine ‘park’ feel, but if natural tech is your thing you’ll find that in spades too!


Tidworth B1KEPARK might not be as well known as the other B1KEPARKs, but it’s rapidly building a reputation as a must-ride venue.
A recent and comprehensive reimagining of the park puts Tidworth at the forefront of what a UK bikepark can be! 


Since opening in April 2017, Wind Hill has become one of the ‘must ride’ destinations on many mountain biker’s bucket list; full of some of the most iconic features of modern British MTB, the flowiest of ‘flow lines’ and tech trails with chunder rich enough to test both your bike and your skills alike.
In the words of Sam Pilgrim, “This place is SICK!!!”
Believe the hype!


One of the premier dirt jump spots in the UK, developed by the S4P Crew and managed by B1KE. The BIKEPARK is situated adjacent to the same piece of woodland as the legendary Milford Trails which were established in 1998. Built from the ground up by B1KE and S4P’s Dirt Jump and Freeride pros Sam Reynolds, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins and the rest of the S4P crew. The sandy dirt at Milford is legendary and makes for great year-round riding, coming into its own during the winter months and wetter times in other seasons.


Although not officially a trail centre and by no means one of our B1KEPARKs, the Surrey Hills always has been, and long will be, home. 
Since the dawn of trail riding it has become a mecca for mountain bikers and where our story began. The area has some of England’s finest trails, ranging from sedate to seriously gnarly. 


The team at B1KE are not ones for sitting still, resting on laurels or letting the grass grow under their feet. Having developed a winning formula and knowing how, as riders, boundaries need pushing and new challenges discovering; we always have our eyes out for the next opportunity. If you know of a hillside that needs a new purpose in life, a landowner looking to diversify or an existing site that needs a rebirth, get in touch. In the meantime watch this space and get the heads-up where our journey will take us next.

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It’s not always possible to get to the trails, but with our portable pump track, we can bring the trails to you. This flexible feature can be set up in a range of configurations to suit your event. Rollers, berms and table tops can be linked to provide a micro trail inside or out. If you’ve got an event that needs a central feature or activity to compliment a race meet, event or show, then please get in touch. The track is supplied with bikes, helmets and an instructor team that’ll help everyone get more from the feature, and give you some skills to take to the trails next time you go.

b1ke b1keparks mountain bike park

"Awesome venues with a great mix of trails and the best places to get your fix of fun. Oi Oi!"

BEN ‘THE DEAKINATOR’ DEAKIN - Pro Rider and MTB Ambassador