How to find Rogate B1kepark 

7 days a week

9:30am – 6pm


What to expect at Rogate B1kepark?

The sandy slopes of Combe Hill that provide the setting for Rogate Downhill have been a favourite spot for mountain bikers since the dawn of the sport.
As the years rolled by the site adapted, reflecting the sport’s development.
Traditionally a tale of two halves, the upper site offers steep and techy trail, with the lower site and its lessor gradient offering up jumps and drops galore.

Since being adopted by B1KE the balance has been addressed, adding top to bottom flow lines, increased feature placement as well as a wealth of tech options lower down the site.

Filling in the holes in the progression pathway has allowed the site to offer options for a far wider range of rider abilities. The new installations and reworking of old favourites has created a site that offers terrain which actively encourages rider progression.
Please check our trail grading system and trail map to check suitability for rider and equipment.

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How much does it cost to ride at Rogate Downhill B1KEPARK?

To ride at Rogate Downhill you need to be a B1KEPARK member

There are now 2 membership options:
You can register as a ‘Free-2-Ride’ member free of charge.
Free-2-Ride members are required to pre-purchase a £12.50 Day Pass for each visit.

Alternatively, if you plan to visit our sites regularly why not choose ‘Full’ B1KEPARK membership and ride any of the parks an unlimited amount of times, for a yearly cost starting from £125 for a youth membership

Full members are required to acquire a “Network Member” Day Pass for each visit.

All riders are required to produce their individual B1KE membership QR code and valid day pass upon arrival.

Skills Training at Rogate Downhill B1KEPARK

Rogate Downhill is the perfect venue for progressing
your mountain bike skills

A fantastic range of trail features which progress from small and rollable through to large and unavoidable means this is the place to be to progress your MTB journey, from regular trail enthusiast to B1KEPARK aficionado.
You’re always the right age to become a Park Rat!

There’s everything here in terms of trails, providing the ideal progression for the range of courses offered.

Renowned for sublime jump lines that range in size from small to frankly ridiculous, if you are looking to develop your confidence and ability in the air, this is a venue for you. But look beyond the flow lines and we have enough natural tech to train riders, from first-timers to racers looking to shave seconds off their race runs and top the podium.
Master the dirt, whether it’s groomed or out-and-out ‘Gnar’!

What does Rogate Downhill B1kepark have to offer?

An amazing variety of trails are packed into a relatively small area. Whether it’s steep technical downhills or fast and flowing jump lines, Rogate DH has them all.

Rogate Downhill is where local riders cut their teeth and took their first steps to becoming elite level riders performing at the highest level on the world stage. They still call the place home and enjoy the trails on a regular basis.
Up there with the most weather proof venues in the UK, the site runs well all year but excels when others have turned to gloop.
Rogate DH might be a small hill but it punches well above its weight.

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With loads more ideas in the pipeline, the future of Rogate Dh is very bright indeed and the sandy soil means that even if the skies are grey and the weather subprime the trails run well.

Tended to by a full time team driven by a desire to constantly improve the rider experience, Rogate DH should be on every rider’s bucket list.


Rogate Downhill has been attracting riders to its sandy slopes for over two decades.
For many years a winter haunt for dedicated downhillers, the park is rapidly building a reputation as a year-round venue, attracting riders from all disciplines and abilities.

A choice of a growing number of trails provides a real opportunity for riders to develop in confidence and ability.
Recent years have seen a total revamp of the hill, adding two top to bottom flow trails and adding more tech trails that make the most of the awesome natural terrain.

Whether you are a fan of steep and gnarly, buttery smooth booters or like to mix things up with a bit of everything, Rogate DH is a must ride location that works when all others are wetter than the proverbial otter’s pocket.

Available trail grades: Blue – Black


Bottle Rocket (Top)






Risk Assessment


Black Tooth


Bikini Top


Enter Sandman


Far Beyond Ridden (Top)


Tunnel Vision (Top)


S&M (Top)


Bottle Rocket (Bottom)


Happy Ending




Triple-R Rated


Main Line


Bikini Bottom


Bikini Wax


Split Richard


Far Beyond Ridden (Bottom)


Run The Duals


Tunnel Vision (Bottom)


S&M (Bottom)

Upper Site

Fast, flowy and as rowdy as you want it to be. As easy or hard as you make it. A new line from the top of the hill is a great way to warm up, and a great addition in providing the less experienced rider with a safe starting point and more experienced riders a fun flowing warm up.

Take the tech of some classic trails and throw in some fresh woodwork and gap jumps to get the adrenaline up. Get through this and you’re well on your way to unlocking the rowdiest of Rogate’s jump lines.

The next step on your progression path to technical trail. A now familiar top section leaves ample line choice before dropping into a newly reworked free-flowing section with some slinky turns, and finishing in some classic Rogate root steps on to the fire road.

They say that a change is as good as a rest, so we have refreshed an old classic from way back in the old days.
Risk Assessment is a perfect stepping stone in to the more technical terrain available across our ‘Red’ graded trails; introducing tighter turns, roots and rocks into your riding and opening up new opportunities for you within the park.

Loose. Goose-like! Get acquainted with rolling rocks and off-cambers.

As old as the hill…well almost! This line has been taking shape for well over a decade and keeps on providing the goods. Tight hairpins, loose gulleys, steps, drops and cambers – all in a 30 second package!

Steep chutes and deliciously sandy turns. A helping of rock adds to the flavour.

Another old favourite which has been resurrected to challenge all those with a penchant for tech! Dropping in heavy and chuting it’s way down the hill in a loose and twisty fashion for longer than seems possible for such a short bit of hill. Feet on pedals required!

Steep, narrow and testing. The flow is there if you can find it!

The clue is in the name: a trail original conceived by Sam & Mike and completed in collaboration with DMR Bikes. Gaps, step-downs, camber and steeps…. A mind blower for those that like to merge the best of mother nature with hand crafted hits.

Lower Site

Below the fire road the frequency of hits ramps up. Whether you’re new to riding B1KEPARKs and want to roll them, or experienced and like to enter full-send mode, this trail will leave you grinning!
Hang a left at the end and you can reach for the stars, or continue straight on and hit a line of small tables perfect for getting used to air beneath your wheels….either way you’ll head straight back up for another run.

The alternative ending for Bottle Rocket is a 30ft tabletop guaranteed to up the air miles!

Our favourite sessiony turns that link up into a 180 return-berm at the end. Perfect for practicing or challenging your mates at any point in the day. (Accessed via the Bottle Rocket session point)

Flat-out fast with some big ol’ hits if you want them. Go on, scare yourself!

A little bit of everything really! A true favourite and a trail that defines Rogate, with options galore and smiles all the way down. Tables, drops, on-offs and gaps…what’s not to like?!

This trail has more recycled parts than a creation of Victor Frankenstein! Options galore allow you to choose varying levels of intensity as you drop into loose, rooty turns, and finishes up with a ski jump, some rollers and a couple of tables. Variety and creativity abound.

Another trail with more options than a hot chocolate shop. Twist and turn your way down; skipping between lines and getting rowdy with your mates, before heading into the final motorway section with some classic Rogate features.

Carries on from where its top left off. More tight, techy corners filled with bulging roots, loose dust and stones; finishing with a heritage ditch gap and into the final 6 pack.

Dark, mouldy and distinctly different to other Rogate offerings, Tunnel Vision is a shout-out to distant forest trails where you have to work for your flow. Comes complete with raised skinnies and fallen-tree balance beams for extra authenticity.

Adding to the already eclectic mix of riding styles in the top half of S&M, the bottom half injects some adrenaline fuelled woodwork, techy gaps, mouldy woods and scatterings of line options. Not as simple as it looks, but then it was never meant to be!
Brought to you in conjunction with DMR Bikes.

Trail grades

Blue: Intermediate

Suitable for:

Riders in good health, with basic bike skills and experience of off-road biking. Bikes must be in good working order with two working brakes and off-road tyres.


Relatively smooth & wide, with rollable features.

Red: Advanced

Suitable for:

Riders in good health with good off-road riding skills. Mountain bikes required.


Some ‘single-track’ sections & small obstacles of root & rock. Features either rollable or avoidable.

Black: Expert

Suitable for:

Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills & fitness. Good mountain bikes.


Challenging climbs, tricky descents & expect unavoidable features such as drop-offs, doubles and large rocks.

Black + Yellow: ProLine

Suitable for:

Expert mountain bikers with high level of fitness. Quality off-road mountain bikes.


Greater challenge & difficulty. Expect large & unavoidable features.

Understand the Lozenge Grading System

The Lozenge grading pertains to the Technical Trail Features (TTF’s) that the trail includes. This can be drops, steep chutes, jumps (tables or gap jumps) road-gaps and berms. The Lozenge system is applied within Singletrack grading.

A single lozenge denotes small features and indicates a more technical trail than other more feature-driven lines.

Two lozenge trails will contain technical trail features of a medium to large size. A trail with a two lozenge grade MAY contain features that can not be rolled (ie on a black graded trail) but MAY also have a lesser or rollable option available.

Three lozenge trails have large technical trail features.
These will be unavoidable and require suitable ability and total commitment.
Riders should be capable of, and expect to leave the ground in order to complete these trails.

“Easy parking is a nice bonus but the key thing is the trails and oh boy are they wicked. There’s tech steep, small jumps big jumps and massive jumps. So the place caters for everyone, my son and I love riding here!!” Gareth
Google, April 2022

So pleased to be able to call this place home. After a gruelling schedule of World Cups this place is an oasis of fun. Never get bored of the lines and love the variety of trails on offer.

Melon Optics

Melon Optics collaborates with B1ke, infusing biking events with style and community through vibrant eyewear and immersive experiences at Rogate B1kepark events like the Easter and Halloween Jams​


Canyon’s innovative bikes meet B1ke’s trail expertise in a dynamic partnership, culminating in thrilling events like the CLLCTV Sessions at Rogate, offering riders a blend of top-notch engineering and trail experience


Muc-Off’s eco-conscious, advanced bike care partners with B1ke’s trail expertise, ensuring top performance and protection for riders and nature

TF Tuned

Europe’s leading independent mountain bike suspension specialist are based just minutes from Wind Hill and support our team and members alike. Whether it’s servicing with an unrivalled turnaround time, new suspension and shock sales or just honest unbiased advice, TF Tuned provide a one-stop solution to getting the most from your ride.

Atlas Ride Co

From the high Alpine peaks of Morzine, with Europe’s largest Mountain Bike Park, to the endless Enduro trails of Finale Ligure, taking you from Mountain Peak to beers on the beach. Atlas Ride Co know exactly what it takes to create that perfect Mountain Bike Holiday of a lifetime and those memories you will never forget. Atlas Ride Co are the perfect partner for B1KE offering a level service that matches our own and ensures that our clients experience the best in Mountain biking. Visit their site and start your adventure