By continuing with your purchase you are confirming you agree to the following ticketing terms. These terms are in addition to the terms of your membership. 

1. Ticketing & Refunds
Limited numbers on site  – We will continue to limit the number of riders on site due to parking restrictions. 

1.2. Membership
Entry only permitted with a valid day pass QR code. Day passes must be accompanied by a valid B1KE membership QR code. You can sign up for a free membership at Visit to sign up for a ‘Free’ or paid for, ‘Full’ membership and to login and download your QR code. Membership QRs can be found on your dashboard.

1.3. Day Pass Options
All Day Passes must be pre-purchased / downloaded online. We have no on site cash facility.
– Free Members (pay no annual renewal fee) will need to pre-purchase a standard, £10 day pass.
– Full members (pay an annual renewal fee)  should select ‘Annual Prepaid Member day pass’.

The £5 fee for Network Member Day passes is fully refundable when you check in on site on the day. This measure was introduced to reduce the large numbers of no shows limiting availability to other free members.

Annual Member Sundown Session tickets allow access from 4PM to Full Network Members only. There is no prepayment required but no access before 4PM. These tickets are available seasonally and may not be available at all times. (Summer Time Only)

1.4. Refund policy
Refunds will not be issued for incorrectly purchased Network day passes and you will need to purchase a free members day pass. All other refunds will be issued in line with the below terms:

– Within 24hrs of online booking payment – Refunds to erroneous bookings at no charge
– More than 1 month before the event date – Refundable – £1 admin fee
– Between 1 month and 15 days before the event date – Refundable – £3.50 admin fee
– Within 14 days and 7 days before the event date – Refundable – £5 admin fee
– Within 7 Days Before the event date – non refundable and non transferable

The B1ke network is built to be rideable all year round. Whilst harsher conditions will require a greater riding ability we believe this to be in the spirit of British riding and no exchanges or refunds will be issued because of the weather. We may, in the event of extreme weather conditions, decide to close the parks to ensure everyone’s safety. If this happens you will receive a full refund. 

2. Minors
Under 14s will not be admitted unaccompanied, even if they have purchased a ticket . A responsible adult must be in attendance as per the guidelines below:
– Under 12’s must be accompanied ON THE TRAIL at all times, by a responsible, adult rider with a valid Day Pass.
– 1
2 and 13 year olds must be accompanied on site by an adult but not necessarily on the trail. (Adults on site but not riding do not need a day pass). 

3. COVID Guidelines
If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had contact with anyone that has symptoms DO NOT ATTEND. If you or anyone in your household has symptoms you should self isolate for 14 days. Try to maintain social distancing if queuing on session push-ups, fire roads or anywhere else.

4. Parking
– Rogate: Parking is now strictly at the top of the hill. There is absolutely no parking on the road running alongside the bottom of the park. This applies to both riders and spectators alike. We work hard to maintain a good relationship with the local authorities and this has proven to be an important factor. Please use the new car park!
– Tidworth: Tidworth parking is at the bottom of the hill and directly accessible from the trails. It is the smallest of the three site’s car parks and gets full very quickly. Please park considerately to ensure we do not need to further restrict numbers.
– Windhill: DO NOT ENTER LONGLEAT MAIN ENTRANCE! The B1ke car park is off of the main road and not on site. Once parked, there is a track that leads you across to the B1kepark. Please take extra care when crossing the main entrance road into Longleat and please refrain from using the water feature to clean your bike. 

5. Refreshments and Spares
Huts on Site will provide limited snacks and drinks. Toilets will be on site and hand sanitisers in place. 

6. Push-Ups and Sessioning Sections
Only use designated push-ups. We have additional push-ups as we know you like to session sections but ensure you keep to the marked tracks. Help us keep the non-trail elements of the woods thriving as they have done while we have been closed.

If sessioning a section of trail remember any riders coming through that section have priority and you should move out of their way. 

Do not stand on landings or in blind spots & always enter the track at designated areas, where you have a clear view of any riders coming. Riders to ride full runs or if sessioning trails from designated drop-in points.

7. Revoking Memberships
Any rider found to be consistently breaching any of the general rules is subject to having their membership revoked, being banned from all sites and with no refund.

8. Safety
Helmets are mandatory at all of ours sites. Ensure you have bar end plugs installed. We recommend shin pads, knee pads and gloves as a bare minimum.

Ride within yourselves and always within your ability level.

Look before you leap. Don’t ride blind, if you are not 100% comfortable check it out on foot before putting two wheels down. 

8.1. Your own and other peoples safety
Always ride within your comfort level and build up to bigger features over time. If you come across an injured rider, STOP, make sure they are OK and get help if required. We are all responsible for looking after ourselves and each other.

8.2. Trail changes
Be aware tracks are always subject to change without notice, always take a warm up lap!

8.3. On Site Staff
Our staff are Rescue Emergency Care trained but we do not guarantee they will be able to attend to you – a level of personal responsibility in terms of your health and well being is essential.

8.4. Dangers
Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and carries the risk of injury or death. Please follow all safety information on site and by staff.

9. Litter and Waste
Littering is not at all tolerated. If you are caught dropping litter expect your membership to be permanently revoked NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Site Crew
All park staff are there to make sure things run safely and smoothly for all visitors. Please help us in this matter.

If you are asked by a member of the team to do (or not do) something, please follow their request. Those that feel that this is too much of an infringement on their personal freedoms are kindly requested not to visit. Any threatening or intimidating behavior to any of our staff will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from all of our sites. 

If you encounter any issues on site find a member of the site crew and inform them as soon as possible. They are there to ensure your day goes smoothly!

11. Member Directory
By registering for a B1KE membership of any tier, I agree to my profile photo, name, email address and membership tier being displayed in the member directory. This directory is only visible to signed in members with an active membership. The member directory is for the purpose of purchasing day passes, event tickets, coaching and courses for friends and family to ensure tickets are emailed to the correct member.


1.0 I understand that:

1.1 Participating in this activity is potentially hazardous.

1.2 The risks involved include but are not limited too, falls, contact with other participants, effects of weather and trail conditions (and could result in injury, or death, loss or damage to property).

1.3 I will only participate if I am medically able.

2.0 Acceptance of Risk – You are about to take part in a high risk activity. You will minimise this risk by following the safety rules and advice in the B1KEPARK ESSENTIALS. If you do not follow the safety rules and advice, you could have a serious accident which could be fatal.

2.1 I confirm that:

2.1.1 I am participating in this activity at my own risk;

2.1.2 I have sufficient skills and my bike is in a safe, legal and ride-able condition.

2.1.3 To the best of my knowledge, my general state of health is good and I take full responsibility for my health and personal well-being.

2.1.4 I agree to check my bike and equipment at the start of each day, before each ride and after any crash.

2.1.5 I understand I must wear a helmet at all times and that a full face helmet, body armour, neck brace and gloves are highly recommended. I accept the rule of No Helmet = No Ride in the B1KEPARK.

2.1.6 I will use all available information including, but not limited to websites, site information boards, and a visual inspection to make myself aware of specific trail hazards and features prior to riding the trails.

2.1.7 I will abide by instructions given to me by B1KE, its employees, the land owner, local committee members and their representatives or agents and will provide evidence of B1KEPARK membership or a day pass if requested.

2.2.8 I understand and agree that, other than legal liability in respect of death or personal injury, B1KE, its employees, the land owner, local committee members and their representatives or agents accept no liability for any injury or damage resulting from use of the B1KEPARK or any of its facilities including but limited to, car parks, approach roads, cabins, push-ups, for cycling or any other activity undertaken, or for personal mishaps to myself or my property.

3.0 Image Rights and their use – I agree to images being taken when I use the B1KEPARK and other areas of the site using film, photography, digital photography, video or other media and those images may be used on your website and in other promotional material in any medium,

4.0 Trail Closures and Diversions – Trails may have to be closed for routine repair work. B1KE will post the most up to date information of any closures via the website and social media, however this cannot be guaranteed.

5.0 B1KE reserve the right to change it’s terms and conditions at any time.