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Grass. Roots. Racing.

The Uk's Premier Destination for Grass Roots Racing in the soutH

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The B1KE Root 1 Race Series is the perfect place to start for those that have never raced before. The crowd, fellow racers and organisers are all there to ensure you have best first race experience. 

All of our race tracks are designed to be rollable. This does not mean we will not include jumps and drops but they will alwauys have an option to go around  or roll. 

Gates open no earlier than 07:30am. Please do not arrive before this time as it creates dangerous queues on the main road. Everyone should be on site and signed on No Later than 9am. 

Track walk begins straight away at 07:30. Every rider should ensure they have done a track walk before 08:30 when practice starts. Sign on closes at 9am. So if arriving late please head to track walk before signing on. 

Race run start times vary from site to site however you can expect 1st race runs to be underway by 11am and race run 2 by around 1pm. 

There is a selection of hot food from Mountain Burger and hot & cold drinks from Box Brew! 

No. All other trails are closed on race day. Anyone caught riding the trails on race day will be disqualified from racing

Whilst we do not operate a minimum age policy, it is expected that the rider should be comfortable on a bike and able to pedal on their own steam with no external input from any other rider. (Parents of younger children are permitted to follow their youngster down the track)