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Open every day, weather dependent

What does SP4 Milford B1kepark
have to offer?

S4P BIKEPARK is one of the premier public dirt jump spots in the UK; developed by the S4P Crew and managed by B1KE.

Revamped in 2022 to incorporate more progressive and accessible lines for all.
A true training ground for anyone either just starting out or looking to push their dirt jumping abilities to the next level. The sandy dirt at Milford is legendary and makes for great year round riding.

Built from the ground up by B1KE and S4P’s dirt jump and freeride pros Sam Reynolds, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins and the rest of the crew. S4P remains a free-to-ride site for all B1ke members.
Simply sign up for a Free Membership and get riding today!

You don’t have to be a pro to ride, with progressive trails for riders of all ages and abilities. Begin with pumping the Rollers and work up to the heights of the Main Line.

There are always opportunities for dig days, group meet-ups and coaching on site, so keep an eye out or get in touch to find out more!

LOCATION, parking & Access

Off the A3, Godalming, GU8 5BJ

Access Via Rodborough Common off of Portsmouth Road. 

Entrance has a height restricted barrier of 1.9m / Park in the common car park and head north on foot to access the site. 

No Day Pass Is required, however a valid B1Ke membership is needed. A Free PAYG membership is valid. 


To Ride at S4P you need to be a B1KE Member
Any of the membership levels will qualify you to ride at S4P.

There is no charge for riding at S4P
It’s one of our Free-to-Ride sites. Just register as a Free Member if not already registered for one of the other parks and hit the trails.


The progressive trails at S4P B1kepark make for the perfect training location for anyone looking to get into or progress their dirt jumping abilities.

If you are looking for a venue to develop your B1kepark or trail jump skills, then you are likely best heading to Tidworth, Rogate DH or Wind Hill for your first session, but if you are looking to improve on steeper and slower jumps and features, then S4P is the place for you!


Trails here are without grade. The features range from small to large. Only the Roller Line, Tabletops and pumptrack are rollable. As with all dirt jump trails they constantly evolve, get reworked and change. Always look before you leap!

Suitable for:  Riders in good health with basic off-road riding skills. Basic mountain bikes; ‘Jump’ bikes and BMXs will get more from the site. Good stand-over height and low saddles are the order of the day.

Trails:  The most basic features at the site are the Roller Line and pumptrack – a great place to develop one of the fundamentals of dirt jumping and the bit that will get you more air time and control – pumping. From here, you can progress on to the Tabletop Line where the penalty for coming up short is all-but eliminated. The rest of the park comprises of dirt jumps (gaps) and lines that in the main become bigger as you move right across the site.

The site and lines constantly evolve; the only guaranteed constants are the pumptrack, Roller Line and Tabletop Line. In all other cases it is recommended that you take a look before you drop in.


The Roller Line is perfect for developing the ‘Pump’ technique needed to develop your jumping. Ideal for novices and those new to the B1KEPARK. A lot of fun and a great workout too!

The Tabletop Line is the first rung on the progression ladder. With no gaps to clear, the ‘tables’ are a safe way to ensure your technique is dialled before progressing to the First Double Line. Use the ‘Pump’ you’ve acquired from the rollers and perfect it on the Tabletops to maximise your air time.


The First Double Line introduces you to the taller, steeper lips and landings of dirt jump trails, and the first place you can really start to experiment with throwing some shapes. Great for getting a feel of jumps and perfecting your technique before progressing onto the Main Line.

Once you’re happy on the First Double Line, the Main Line steps things up. Dialled in by Sam Reynolds, Olly Wilkins and Brendan Fairclough, the lips and landings get even taller and steeper, giving you more air time: perfect for getting those tricks clicked!
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"Close to the site of the legendary (but now flattened) Milford Trails where I first learnt the joys of Dirt Jumping, these trails are so so good. The first place I head to when ever I return from trips away and a very special place to me."

OLLY WILKINS - Pro Rider, Local Legend